Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Chief of Iran's Army for Coordination said that the enemy is afraid of the country's defense capabilities.

Iran Press/Iran News:  Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari added: "The enemy knows that if he makes a mistake, he will be severely beaten."

"Defending the security and territorial integrity of the country is obligatory for everyone, just as in the eight years of holy defense (Iran-Iraq war), all people came to the battlefield and did not allow any part of the country to be occupied by the enemy or the revolution to be threatened," Sayyari noted.

The Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination, stating that the country's security depends on the actions of the armed forces, added: "The higher the readiness of the armed forces, the more deterrence will be created."

Referring to the conspiracies of global arrogance against Iran, Sayyari said: "Our enemy has not spared any action to return to our country, and in the last few years, they have carried out military operations to scare us with these threats and make us do what the enemy wants, and that's why they've always talked about options on the table."


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