Beirut (IP) - The president of the Islamic Da'wah College in Lebanon stated that this year's Hajj ceremony holds significant importance amidst the Zionist war on Gaza and it is necessary to support Palestine and Gaza in this year's Hajj pilgrimage

Iran Press/West Asia: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Beirut, Sheikh Ahmed Salehat said: "It has been eight months since the Gaza Strip is the scene of Israeli bloodshed, but the so-called civilized world is only watching the scene.

"These days the world is witnessing the slaughter of Palestinian children and people in Gaza, and this proves the West's false support of human rights and children," He emphasized.

Sheikh Salehat added that the Western supporters of human rights continue to send weapons and rockets to Israel eight months after the Gaza war, and Palestinians are massacred before the eyes of humanity.

Stating that the gathering of Muslims in Hajj is loyalty to Islam and the Ehram (Hajj-Dress) is a symbol of the freedom of humanity, he said: Decisive support for the people of Palestine and Gaza during this year's Hajj ceremony is necessary.

Sheikh Ahmad emphasized the need to support Palestinian children, women, and the elderly in the Gaza Strip against the enemy's conspiracy.

He also highlighted the important duty of pilgrims in this context.

At least 35,173 people were killed and 79,061 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7.

More than 450,000 Palestinians have fled Rafah city with another 100,000 evacuating the north as Israel launched a new ground invasion on the north of Rafah in southern Gaza.

At least 82 Palestinians have been killed in the past 24 hours, the highest death toll in a single day in many weeks, during relentless Israeli air attacks.