Kazakhstan (IP)- The National Library of Almaty city was abuzz with excitement on Book Day in Kazakhstan as attendees were treated to a cultural extravaganza highlighting the rich traditions of Iran.

Iran PressAsia: Mrs. Azhar Giniyat, Vice President of Almaty National Library of Kazakhstan, underscored the significance of books and reading in today's Golden Information Age.

Consul General Mohsen Faghani of the Islamic Republic of Iran echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that the progress of mankind is intricately linked to the world of books and reading. Iranologist and researcher Tor Ali Qadir further emphasized the importance of preserving cultural heritage through literature.

The event also featured students from Kazakhstan reciting poems by renowned Iranian poets such as Ferdowsi, Sa'adi, and Hafez in Persian. Attendees were also treated to a showcase of Iranian culture, art, history, and tourist attractions through a display of books.

The ceremony served as a bridge between Kazakhstan and Iran, showcasing the commonalities between the two nations and celebrating the power of literature to connect people across borders.


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