Abuja(IP): The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has expressed that when he heard about the successful retaliatory attack on the Israeli military bases in response to the terrorist attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, he cried for joy.

Iran PressAfrica: Now it is clear for everyone to understand who is helping Palestine in the world and who is the true leader of Islam, he said when talking to visitors at his home in Abuja.

Sheikh Zakzaky added that the destruction of the Zionist military bases in Iran's retaliatory attack on Saturday 13 April 2024 brought honor to Islam and also to all the oppressed people in the world.

Nigerian cleric said when the Islamic Republic of Iran attacked Israel, I was so happy to the extent that I cried.

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria emphasized that with this retaliatory attack against Israel by Iran, the oppressed people and everybody who dislikes oppression have something to be proud of. 219

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