Goma (IP): A number of young Congolese gathered Monday in Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in support of Iranian strikes against Israel.

Iran PressAfrica: These young Congolese marched to the ISC Goma esplanade to, according to them, challenge the policy of the United States and France in the face of the situation happening in the Middle East. These young demonstrators told Iranpress.

“It is a serious desolation that what calls itself the first democrat in the world still continues to sow terror all over the world. If the Americans, the French, and the Germans were not behind Israel, everything that happened would not happen today."

"There are many people dying day after day in Gaza and it is before the eyes of the international community, but also it is thanks to the blessing of the Americans that the Israelis still continue to kill Gazans."

"But also the terrorist attack that the Israelis carried out against the Iranian embassy, if the Americans did not support the Israelis, we should not get to where we are. Today, we wholeheartedly support the Iranian people, victims of American barbarity, but we always call on the international community not only to lean behind Israel, but everyone must be responsible for their actions. "

"The Iranians were victims and they should only respond in this way. Moreover, I call on the African population in general and our leaders to take the example of Iran, when you are attacked, you must retaliate."

"Today, the world is in a balance of power, and we must call for appeasement, but I base myself on the Africans, we are no longer going to fall into the trap of which the DRC wanted to be a victim at the time where the DRC should confront Egypt, be so vigilant, there is this war which is being prepared and well prepared by the Americans, they have failed in Ukraine today, they are looking for how to widen their conflict in the Middle East, even though we are humans and we want peace in the world."

We do not agree with the stories that the Americans want to bring us, be vigilant especially the African population in general and stand up so as not to fall into the trap that the Americans want to bring us.

It’s the same as always with them and you will see how they will expand it in Africa,” Espoir Muhinuka, a resident of Goma, told Iranpress.

Iran carried out an unprecedented air attack against Israel overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

In Goma, demonstrators oppose Western policies and criticize their interference.

Another young Congolese declared on Iranpress that he supported these Iranian strikes which targeted Israel. He clearly demonstrated how the United States and all Western countries wanted to provoke World War III.

"Today, with the evolution of the world, we see that the capitalist group constituted exclusively by Western countries through NATO, which is a military organization, is losing little by little because of its bad policy which they tried to impose on all humanity and other developing countries."

"We supported this Iranian strike which is defying France and the United States and today we believe that even Israel is placed beyond the calls of the United States and France knowing that they are allies who are not serious,” adds another young Congolese, Bob Lwaboshi, who told Iranpress that the United States and France should stop creating problems in the world.


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