Asia (IP): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in a phone call with his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud on Monday night discussed a wide range of issues, including Israel’s reciprocal attack on Israeli targets in the occupied territories.

Iran Press/Asia: While condemning the Zionist regime's attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, Wang told Faisal that Tehran's goal is not to attack neighboring countries rather it will be pursuing the policy of friendship and good neighborliness, Iran Press cited the news website of the Chinese foreign ministry.

Wang also talked about tensions originating from the Israeli war on Gaza and said: "Our main priority is the strict implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2728, which calls for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza, humanitarian aid supplies and the protection of civilian lives."

Until today, the Palestinian people have not been able to achieve their legitimate national rights, which is the longest injustice in the modern era, the main root of the problem in the Middle East, he underlined.

Wang went on to say that Riyadh is an important partner of Beijing and willing to improve the level of communication and coordination between the two countries, which the Saudi diplomat responded positively, saying both sides are in favor of resolving differences through dialogue and are committed to maintaining peace and stability in West Asia.

The Saudi Foreign Minister expressed worry over the escalation of the current situation and urged China to play an active and important role in establishing an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. 204

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