Tehran(IP): The commander of border police of the Islamic Republic of Iran found the border cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Oman to be desirable and emphasized on more interaction between the border guards of the two countries.

Iran PressIran news: Commander of Border Guards of Joint Chief of Staff, General Ahmad-Ali Gudarzi, on Wednesday, in a meeting with Omanese Assistant Chief of Staff of the Sultan's Armed Forces for Operations and Planning, Brigadier General Hamid bin Abdullah Al Balushi, at the headquarters of the Border Guard of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran, referring to 8 thousand and 755 km common border of Iran with 15 countries, said: "We have the least difficult sea border with Oman, which is important as a result of border interactions."

Reffering to the significance of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman for the countries of the region, General Gudarzi pointed out the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in confronting drug traffickers which has left more than 4 thousand martyrs and 12 thousand injured, adding: "In recent months, more than 15 Tons of narcotics have been discovered in the sea of Oman by Iranian sailors."

The Commander of the border police of the Islamic Republic of Iran further emphasized the necessity of holding a joint maritime exercise between the border guards of the three countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan and Oman in order to ensure the common security of the water borders.

Furthermore, in this meeting, Brigadier General Hamid bin Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Balushi, referring to the cooperation of the Oman Coast Guard with the Iranian border guards, considered drug trafficking to be a common concern of all countries and expressed Oman's readiness to cooperate with Iran in order to deal with drug and human trafficking and other maritime crimes.

Relations between Iran and Oman in recent decades, despite the tensions in the Persian Gulf and the Americans' effort to intensify Iranphobia, have always been based on respect and mutual benefits.

Omani officials believe that close relations with Iran are based on realism and consider Iran as a great neighbor. 219

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