Tehran (IP)- After nearly fifty days of war in Gaza, the Zionist regime failed to achieve victory and has agreed to a temporary ceasefire with the Palestinian resistance. 

Iran PressIran news: The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has reached a four-day temporary ceasefire agreement in Gaza with the Zionist regime, mediated by Qatar and Egypt.

As part of the agreement, 50 Israeli prisoners, including women and children under 19 years old, were released. In return, 150 Palestinian women and children under 19 years old were returned to their homes from the prisons of the Zionist regime.  

Additionally, hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian aid, relief supplies, medicine, and fuel will be allowed to enter all areas of the Gaza Strip.

The truce requires the cessation of military operations by the Zionist regime in Gaza. The Palestinian resistance is prepared to respond to any aggression by the regime.

This agreement comes after the Al-Aqsa Storm hit Israel and Tel-Aviv accepted Hamas' terms. 219

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