Ankara (IP) - Many Turkish people protested against the potential visit of US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, to Turkey.

Iran PressAsia: They gathered in front of the US embassy in Ankara to voice their concerns. The demonstrators shouted anti-American and anti-Israel slogans while expressing support for the Palestinian resistance and calling for an end to the crimes committed by the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip.

They also urged Turkish authorities to oppose Blinken's visit.

According to Turkish news sources, Blinken, who is currently on a regional trip, is scheduled to visit Ankara, the capital of Turkiye, on Sunday.

Some protesters emphasized the importance of standing in solidarity with Gaza and expressed their opposition to Blinken's visit.

One Turkish citizen told Iran Press that he traveled from a distant city to Ankara specifically to participate in the demonstration in support of Palestine. He expressed confidence that justice will prevail over injustice.


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