Iraqi Defence Minister arrived in Ankara on Wednesday, the Iraqi state news agency (INA) said, and Turkish media said he would meet his Turkish counterpart.

Iran PressAsia: Turkish warplanes launched a new round of airstrikes against Kurdish militant targets in Iraq on Wednesday hours after the foreign minister warned that Türkiye would hit the militant group’s positions in Syria and Iraq in retaliation for a suicide bombing in Ankara earlier this week.

The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack outside the Interior Ministry in Ankara in which one attacker blew himself up and another would-be bomber was killed in a shootout with police. Two police were wounded in the attack.

Iraq denounced the Turkish air strikes and Iraqi President Abdul-Latif Rashid said he hoped to come to an agreement with Ankara to try to solve the problem.

Turkey regards the PKK as a terrorist group and regularly carries out air strikes in northern Iraq, which has long been outside the direct control of the Baghdad government.

Türkiye has also sent commandos and set up military bases on Iraqi territory to support its offensives. 219