Nearly 20,000 people, including an estimated 12,000 children, have been displaced from the Ain Al-Hilweh refugee camp in Saida, Lebanon, as a result of clashes that have been ongoing since Sunday.

Iran PressMiddle East: A press release issued by Save The Children on Thursday read that many children have shown signs of distress and anxiety since the clashes broke out. 

Some families told the NGO that they are too afraid to leave their homes despite having limited lifesaving supplies, including food and water. 

Others said they have fled the camp and taken shelter in nearby schools. 

Some other families reported that they are facing challenging conditions as many children have been temporarily separated from their parents in the process of seeking shelter. 

Recent updates reveal that calm has been restored in the camp after intermittent clashes broke out in some of the camp's neighborhoods.

Gunfire erupted on Wednesday night after a ceasefire was reached between the Fatah movement and extremist groups in the camp. Explosive projectiles were also fired, some of which fell in several locations outside the camp in Saida, Lebanon.

The spokesperson of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed his concern over the occurrence and continuation of armed conflicts in the Palestinian camp of Ein al-Hilweh in southern Lebanon, which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Palestinians.

Ein al-Hilweh camp is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in the coastal city of Sidon in southern Lebanon.

The rights of the oppressed Palestinian people have been crushed under the boots of the Zionist regime for more than seventy years. During this time, the occupying regime of Jerusalem committed the most brutal crimes against the Palestinians.