The Government spokesman Ali Rabiei, condemning the US policy of causing suffering and pain, has strongly warned Washington against interfering in Iran's internal affairs.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on the sidelines of a cabinet session on Wednesday, Ali Rabiei referred  to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's recent meddling remarks against Iran and the recent riots and said, "The current US government itself is responsible for some of the recent events in Iran."

"Americans have officially stated that they will pursue a policy of pain in Iran. No one, especially the Americans, feels compassion for any nation, especially Iran. They just want to humiliate our country. Today, Iran's growth and development are important to us," he added according to Iran Press.

In response to hiking the price of some of the products after rising gas prices, the Government spokesman said, "In order to have control over the prices next year, we have devoted currency to medicine. In many cases, we see the salesperson sells its goods expensively." 

The spokesman then referred to the recent arrests of rioters in different cities of Iran and noted, "Until today, the government has not received the exact number of arrests in Iran. Because the security agencies are following these issues. We will update it as soon as the necessary information is provided."


Mike Pompeo on Tuesday said the US State Department has received about 20,000 communications from recent riots in Iran.

The Iranian government raised gasoline prices on November 15 in order to moderate the national consumption rate, which stands at 110 million liters per day, 40 million liters above the maximum daily domestic requirement.

The move prompted some peaceful protests, but riotous elements, taking advantage of the circumstances, quickly entered the scene, destroying public property and setting banks and gas stations ablaze. Authorities said some also used firearms and other weapons against protesters and security forces.

There have been reports of fatalities among both security forces and civilians in different locations, with an official tally not available yet. 101/211

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