The Iranian president said that to meet Turkey's concerns about its southern border, US troops should be replaced with Syrian forces in this country.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani added: "At the summit of the three countries of Iran, Russia, and Turkey, we have made it clear that the security solution on the northern Syrian and southern Turkish borders is possible only with the presence of the Syrian army and we must provide all grounds for the presence of the Syrian army in these areas.

"Other countries need help as well, with the Americans must leave the region and the Kurds in the region, which is actually their own country, must accompany the Syrian army, Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The Iranian president noted that the Turkish government has concerns about its southern borders and that they have the right to address those concerns, stating: "We believe that the right way should be chosen in this direction."

The President reiterated: "The manner chosen today and the agreements that are behind the scenes will not benefit the region, and we call on our friend and brother Turkey and its government to pay more attention and patience in such matters and reconsiders to the path chosen."

President Rouhani also stressed the need to be vigilant about holding the parliamentary elections in the coming months as a major political movement in the country and noted: "We must let all factions feel victory; we must give everyone the opportunity to participate in this election."

The era of maximum pressure has come to an end

Iranian President said: "All the statistics show that the path the nation, the system, the Leader, the armed forces and all factions have chosen is right and we must continue this path with unity, and solidarity."

Rouhani added that the great nation of Iran with its resistance, vitality, hard work and dedication managed to defeat the maximum sanctions and economic terrorism. The Iranian people have broken the back of the US government over the past year and a half, and there is no doubt that today's power of Iran is greater than ever.

Rouhani, pointing out that friend and foe confess to the Iranian people's power, patience, and perseverance, stated, "The world is in shock of this Iranian nation's endurance; 83 million Iranians cling to each other in the face of powers, in particular, the US and Zionism and today there is the best security, conditions, and morale in the country.

The president added: "Of course, economically, people have problems that we all have to work together to try to alleviate the problems."

Rouhani noted today that all the figures show that people are able to solve problems even in economic downturns, saying that the central bank says production of stock markets that make up half of the country's industry in September, has seen a positive growth of 1.2%, which is a very important issue, which means that the maximum pressure is broken.

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