Head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat, on Saturday night, warned the US that this country will pay the price for targeting the Yemeni naval forces.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The head of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Mahdi Al-Mashat, said Saturday, that the blood of the martyrs of the Yemeni naval forces has inaugurated a new battle with the hostile US forces.

Al-Mashat affirmed that a response to the US aggression was "inevitable" if the US did not rectify the situation "by handing over the killers of our naval forces."

Americans will pay the price by targeting the Yemeni naval forces, opening for themselves "a door that they will not be able to close," Yemen's senior official also emphasized.

Last week, a US helicopter shot at three Yemeni boats in the Red Sea, killing ten armed forces. US Central Command said that it targeted the boats while responding to a distress call from the Singapore-flagged vessel Maersk Hangzhou.

The Yemeni army confirmed the deaths and said that its forces had attacked the vessel because it was heading for Israeli ports. The attack was part of Yemeni military operations against Israeli-linked ships over the past weeks, which Sana’a says are aimed at supporting the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Al-Mashat reiterated on Saturday that Israeli-linked ships will never pass through the Red Sea, adding that peace will be created only after the Israeli regime stops its crimes in Gaza, and “the American terrorism” ends. 219