Abdul Malek Badreddine al-Houthi

The secretary general of the Ansarullah movement of Yemen, Abdul Malek Badreddine al-Houthi has said if the Saudi-led coalition continues to bomb Yemen, then the Yemeni Army and popular committees will continue their drone strikes on Saudi Arabia.

Iran PressMiddle East: Speaking on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Yemeni people's  revolution on Saturday night 21 September, Abdul Malek Badreddine al-Houthi emphasised that if Saudi Arabia's bombardment, blockade and military aggression of Yemen continues, then the Yemenis will set aside all red lines and unleash deadly attacks deep inside Saudi Arabia.

He added: "If Saudi Arabia stops its military aggression, airstrikes and siege of Yemen, then the Yemeni army will reciprocate by stopping its drone strikes and missile strikes targeting Saudi Arabia."

In a drone strike and missile strike on Saudi oil facilities on Saturday 14 September , half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production was knocked out. The devastating strike on two major oil installations, the Abqaiq oil processing facility and the Khurais oil field, in the east of the country, effectively halved Saudi Arabia's oil production, and caused global oil prices to soar briefly.

The Yemeni Houthis immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but the United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Iran of launching the attack, without showing any evidence to back-up their claim.


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