Kabul(IP)- In an interview with Iran Press, a number of people whose lives have been affected by the earthquake in southeastern Afghanistan stressed the need for the international community to help the earthquake victims.

Iran PressAsia:The magnitude 5.9 earthquake is a further blow to a country already in the throes of and poverty crisis. Challenges a challenge to the government that took power in August.

The quake struck about 27 miles from Khost and was the deadliest to strike the country in over two decades. It occurred shortly after 1.30 am local time (10 pm Irish time).

A number of Afghan citizens whose homes were damaged by the quake and several family members and relatives were killed and injured told an Iran Press correspondent in Paktika on Thursday that they needed the first aid.

These Afghan citizens stressed that the earthquake casualties in Afghanistan are high and that providing help to the earthquake victims is the most crucial goal of the world community.

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Meanwhile, the Taliban government announced that two planes, including Iranian humanitarian aid for earthquake victims in southeastern Afghanistan had arrived in Kabul.

Seyed Hassan Mortazavi, the Iranian deputy ambassador to Kabul, while expressing his condolences to the people of Afghanistan affected by the earthquake, called on the international community to pave the way for providing global aid to the earthquake victims in Afghanistan.


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