Kabul (IP) - The special representative of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan said that the endurance and stability of the Afghan nation was the main reason for the defeat of the United States and its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: Speaking to Al-Alam TV, Hassan Kazemi-Qomi stressed that Iran continues to support the Afghan people, saying: "Iran wants to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan with all parties and segments of the people of this country."

He added: "The United States destroyed Afghanistan during the last 20 years by occupying it. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan coincided with the entrance of the ISIS terrorist group into the country to destabilize it. The resilience of the Afghan people led to the tragic defeat of the US forces in Afghanistan and their withdrawal from the country."

Kazemi-Qomi added: "Iran welcomes any cooperation to solve the problems of the Afghan people and return stability to this country. Trade and economic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan are in the interest of the nations of the two countries."


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