Tehran (IP) - Iran's Head of the Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) called Iran's nuclear industry the Islamic country's dignity and honor.

Iran PressIran news: The festival is held to promote the culture and think of Basij(Volunteer Forces) and create self-confidence in the field of technology and industry by introducing unblocked production units. Speaking at the event, Mohamad Eslami said: "The flow of innovation is the power of turning ideas into products and solving problems."He further noted: "The view that should be active in this cycle is self-belief because it helps to create the dignity and authority of the country. "

He emphasized the importance of nuclear technology for national development, arguing it is crucial for advancements in various scientific, technological, and industrial fields.

Despite "enemies' will to hamper Iran's access," Eslami declared that "Thanks God, endogenous research, self-belief, and effort," Iran has achieved nuclear technological self-sufficiency, foiling the enemies' objectives.

He dismissed any impact of "enemies' terrorist moves" on Iranian scientists and the nation's resolve, emphasizing the Iranian people's 45-year commitment to the Islamic Revolution and warned "enemies" that they cannot deter the nation's progress.


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