Tehran(IP): 60% of Iran's exports in the field of medicine goes to knowledge-based companies active in the field of biotechnology.

Iran PressIran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, Mostafa Ghanei, Secretary of Iran's Biotechnology Development Headquarters, said that the most expensive drugs, such as the ones suitable for fighting against cancer, hemophilia and coronavirus, are related to biotechnology.

"With the support of Iranian officials from knowledge-based companies in the field of biotechnology, the outflow of 1 billion and 800 million dollars of foreign currency for the import of drugs is now prevented," he added

Ghanei stated that in the field of biotechnology, considering that the Iranian scientists have entered the field of medicine only, Iran ranks third in Asia.

The secretary of Iran's Biotechnology Development Headquarters said that the biotechnology department has guaranteed the country's security in the field of medicine.

"We made the Corona Diagnostic Kit on a quarterly basis, and Iran is the second country after the United States to manufacture a drug to reduce pneumonia," he concluded.


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