Riyadh (IP): Officials from five Arab countries plus the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have held a consultative meeting in Riyadh regarding the developments in Gaza, with the participants demanding an immediate end to the Israeli war on the besieged strip.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan and the secretary of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization met on Saturday night to review the situation of Gaza, according to Iran Press citing the official news agency of Saudi Arabia.

Apart from the call for ending the war, the ministers of the aforementioned Arab countries also emphasized the need to remove all restrictions on the entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, the report said.

In this meeting, the ministers also warned about the consequences of the illegal actions by the Zionist regime in the occupied West Bank and al-Quds.

It’s now day 205 since the Zionist regime launched a genocidal war on Gaza that has resulted in the killing of nearly 34,400 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

According to international experts and Israel’s own media, the regime has failed to achieve any of its intended goals behind the invasion of Gaza and that this regime is sinking more into its internal and external crises day by day amid global public outrage at Israel’s crimes such as massacre, violation of international laws, bombing of relief organizations among others.


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