Minab(IP): The Iranian president in his public speech in Minab, on Friday, stressed that Iran's military power is not a threat to any country in the region yet it brings about security for the regional states so that they all can rely on it.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at his public meeting with the people of Minab in Hormozgan Province on Friday morning, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi referred to Iran's military power stressing: "Our military power poses no threat to any country in the region." adding that it creates" security" for the regional states so that they all can rely on it for a sustainable peace. 

Iran's President Raisim however, went on to warn: "We have said many times that we will not initiate any war, but if a country wants to bully, the Islamic Republic of Iran will give a firm answer."

In addition, referring to US policy toward Iran, Raisi said: "Before, when they (the Americans) wanted to talk to us, they said the military option is on the table. Now they say they have no intention of a conflict with Iran."

President Raisi elsewhere stated that part of Iran's military power is embedded in Iran's capability and power which relies on the power of belief and resistance against the enemies.

Referring to the blessed occasion of Ten-Day Fajr which marks the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Raisi called the occasion's message a " harbinger of being hopeful about the future" and" the improvement and betterment of the Islamic Iran."

Seyyed Ebrahim Raeesi, on Friday morning, on his second day of travel to Hormozgan province, visited the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Naval Progress Exhibition while attending the Sahib Al Zaman 1st Marine Zone in Bandar Abbas.

In this exhibition, Raisi visited the latest achievements in technological and knowledge-based capabilities of the IRGC Navy, including speedboats, missile launchers of the new generation, sea missiles with a range of more than 750 km, lLong-range missile-launching naval drones, bombers, reconnaissance and destruction systems, radar systems and electronic warfare and remotely managed sub-surfaces.


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