Tehran (IP) - Iran's Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee said that the athletes sent to the Hangzhou Asian Games are expected to shine in the competition.

Iran PressIran news: Syed Manaf Hashemi said, in the gap of about 4 months until the beginning of the Hangzhou Asian Games, we are going to enter a new stage of preparing the teams to be sent to China.

According to Iran Press News Agency, Seyyed Manaf Hashemi added, on the sidelines of the fun run ceremony that was held Thursday at the National Olympic and Paralympic Academy of Iran, athletes will not be satisfied unless a medal would be earned from the Hangzhou Asian Games.

This official also said about the fun run ceremony, the event is being held in different Asian countries and three people from the organizing committee of the Asian Games and three people from the Olympic Council of Asia were closely watching this ceremony.

At this event, Chang Hua, the Chinese ambassador to Tehran, also gave a speech and praised the organizers of the fun run conference.

In another part of his speech, Chang Hua talked about the preparation process of Hangzhou to host the Asian Games.

The Chinese ambassador to Tehran expressed his hope that Iranian youth will be harbingers of friendship and that Iranian athletes.


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