Tehran (IP)- Vice-President of the Judiciary for International Affairs and Secretary of the IR of Iran's High Council for Human Rights stressed that the US should end the unjust detention of Iranian citizens and release them.

Iran PressIran news: Kazem Gharibabadi, Secretary of the IR of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, wrote on Thursday: "The US has arrested tens of innocent Iranians under the pretext of circumventing its cruel and inhumane sanctions." 

Vice-President of Iran's Judiciary for International Affairs stated that America should immediately release all the innocent prisoners and added that one of them " is held under dire humanitarian conditions. A non-U.S. resident, he was forced to pay the rent for the apartment in which he is placed under arrest. His access to emergency medical care is denied. He was forced to pay the exorbitant treatment costs. Barbaric" 

Recently, the US Secretary of State and the special representative of this country in Iran's affairs regarding the issue of prisoners announced that Iran has repeatedly declared its readiness to deal with the issue of prisoners to the American side through various channels.

According to this report, the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared its readiness that with the implementation of the agreement, the innocent Iranians imprisoned in the United States, who have become victims of the injustice of the American judicial system on false accusations of violating the cruel and illegal sanctions, will be able to be released and quickly return to their families. 


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