May 12, 2019 13:57 Asia/Tehran

The Director of National Brain Mapping Laboratory of Iran says Iran stands among the top ten rankings of the world Brain Mapping institutes.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Actually we have good position in the world in brain mapping, we have many scientists that are active in this field," Director of National Brain Mapping Laboratory, Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press.

"Recently we have focused to boost up the potentials in Iran, as researchers switched to this field are very active," he noted. 

"We have the potential to be among the top ten in the world," Dr Ay continued.

"National Brain Mapping is the common project between the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and Technology and it is the joint collaborative effort between the two ministries. This lab is equipped with the latest modern technology in the world and offers professional services for top researchers."

This laboratory has also been equipped with the high tech facilities of data, imaging and signal processing as well as cognitive assessments.


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