Feb 23, 2019 18:00 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran exports medical equipment to 40 countries

The chairman of the Association of Medical Equipment Exporters has pointed out that Iran exports medical equipment to 40 countries, adding that last year Iran exported $ 24 million worth of medical equipment officially from customs, weighing 680,000 kilograms.

Iran Press/Iran news: Reza Kompani, head of Iran Health Exhibition, whilst referring to the need to support knowledge-based companies in the field of medical equipment, noted that as of February 11, medical equipment manufacturers faced problems in importing raw materials, which undermined their production and power.

On the other hand, we were faced with a drop in exports, but since the beginning of the year, we have had 18 million Euros registration for export of medical supplies, he added.

According to an IRNA report, Kompani underlined that Iran's medical equipment is currently exported to 40 countries, which are being exported in different ways.

He also said that some of the target countries have requested Iranian products with the Iranian brand, some have requested the launch of a product line in their country, and some countries also produce goods in accordance with the order and supply with a different brand.

The official added that Western European countries, such as Germany and Italy are among the countries importing Iranian medical equipment.105/211


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