Jan 09, 2019 19:32 Asia/Tehran

An Associate Professor at New York University, and chief editor of the 'critical care' journal, Jan Bakker, has praised medical research in Iran by saying Iranian research compares well with medical research in advanced countries, and Iran is progressing well in medical research.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an interview with Iran Press on Wednesday on the sidelines of the 6th 'international intensive care congress' in Tehran, professor Jan Bakker, chief editor of 'critical care journal' said: "What I see as the editor of journal of critical care and Razi [Razi International Medical Centre] is a very valued editorial board member, the quality of the research that we get to be published in my journal that is quite good. I mean when you compare it to other parts of the world is not bad at all. It’s a good standard and so I think there is good progression [good progress] in research in Iran."

Commenting further on Iranian medical research and international collaboration in research in medicine, professor Jan Bakker said: "I would like to have a more open relationship but I mean because of all the international problems that is very complicated, I would love to have colleagues from the United State to come and participate in the courses that we do, but with all the international troubles, that is a problem and that is sad, because science should be without borders, to be honest."

The Sixth International Critical Care Congress kicked off at Razi International Conference Hall in Tehran on Wednesday morning, 9 January 2018. 

Organized by the Iranian Society of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, the congress will cover issues concerning ICU and critical care in anesthesiology.  101/ 211 /205

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