Jan 07, 2019 20:34 Asia/Tehran

A deputy at Iran's mines and industries ministry Jafar Sargheini has said Iran will reach 40 million tons' Crude production over the next one or two years.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Further development and increase of steel production has been mentioned in Iran's 20-Year Vision Plan (1404) and we follow this document closely. In the current and past governments of President Rouhani there have been many efforts for steel production improvements and we are not far from reaching the goals set out in the 20-Year Vision Plan (1404)," a deputy at Iran's mines and industries ministry Jafar Sargheini, added in an interview with Iran Press News Agency.

Jafar Sargheini added: "In Iran's 20-Year Vision Plan (1404), a target of 55-million-tons of crude steel production has been set, and today we are close to reaching this target,  we have the capacity to produce  34 million tons of steel within our production cycle and in next year or two, we shall have  6 million tons' of crude steel ready for use."

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