Dec 25, 2018 16:56 Asia/Tehran

A member of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy commission, and MP representing the southern town of Fasa, Mohammad Javad Jamali, has emphasised that US sanctions won't succeed in halting Iran's oil sales, to countries in Europe, as well as China, India, and Korea.

Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, the senior MP emphasized that a significant proportion of Iran's revenues comes from oil sales, and that US sanctions against Iran focus on reducing or cutting off altogether Iran's oil exports.

Mohammad Javad Jamali added: "(US president) Trump is putting a lot of pressure on various countries  so that they don't buy oil from Iran, and we are putting all our efforts into consultations with various countries, making sure that they will purchase our oil -- countries in Europe as well as major Asian countries such as China, India, and Korea."

The member of national security and foreign policy commission of the parliament (Majlis) added: "The new budget for next year - 1398 Iranian calendar year - has been drawn up with US sanctions very much in mind. We have taken into account America's anti-Iran sanctions, when preparing the new budget (for 1398).

Senior MP Jamali went on to say: "We are duty-bound and we have done our best to provide the essential items needed by the general public, such as food, medicines, other essential items, basic services and amenities, and we shall continue to do so in the future, God willing."  211/103


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