Dec 08, 2018 19:09 Asia/Tehran

Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology said that the country is becoming close to reach the concept of 'Digital Iran'.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Looking at the future  of 'Digital Iran', we should say that in the field of software, at the moment some of our equipment is produced in Iran," Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, Iranian Minister of ICT said in an interview with Iran Press.

"In some fields of hardware equipment, we have competitiveness advantages. For example, a lot of Optical Fiber equipment is homemade - manufactured in Iran. Also we reached self-sufficiency in Transmission equipment and we have grown significantly in the production of passive equipment. We also produce what we need in the field of access equipment, Minister of Information and Communications Technology said.

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Azari Jahromi added: "For 'Digital Iran' concept, we define four sections; Services, software, hardware and the last part is digital commerce in the field of information technology."

"Digital Iran isn't a project. In the path of reaching a 'Digital Iran', we have taken steady steps. We have good potentials in young human resources, we have good market and every day we take bigger steps to reach this goal. We hope that as soon as possible we reach the bright results, Iranian Minister of ICT concluded.


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