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A senior aide to Iran's speaker of the parliament, emphasized that all six countries attending the Tehran conference should play a more active role in fighting terrorism.

Iran Press/Iran news: A special assistant and senior aide to the speaker of the parliament, and former deputy foreign minister of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Saturday, said: "Tehran's conference, as its name implies, concentrates on the fight against Terrorism, and inter-regional connectivity (coordination between regional countries)."

Speaking on the sidelines of "the Challenges of Terrorism and inter-Regional Connectivity" conference in Tehran, Amir-Abdollahian added: "First of all, parliaments of the six countries should pass new, tougher and more effective legislation, and force their governments to fight terrorists more effectively, and also the national counter-terrorism units of the six countries should play a more active role in fighting terrorism." 

"Secondly, as far as inter-regional connectivity is concerned, in development of economy and social welfare, the Tehran conference will make recommendations, and the (six) governments will try to enact those recommendations through sustainable development, so that the fight against terrorism can move forward," the senior aide to Iran's speaker of the parliament noted.

In further remarks, Amir-Abdollahian said: "The United States, and Western countries, have adopted double standards, and show a very selective approach and a dual track approach towards terrorism. US President Donald Trump is trying really hard to  engage in Iranophobia, and is trying to isolate Iran. The Tehran conference also sends this important message that Iran interacts actively with all countries of the world, and Iran is active in diplomacy, and engages with neighbouring and regional countries in particular."

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"Also the conference will address the fact that terrorists use the internet and cyberspace to advertise and find new recruits, and they also use drug trafficking to fund their terror activities," The senior aide to Iran's speaker of the parliament said.

He added: "We in the final communique issued at the end of the conference, will  emphasize that as far as fighting terrorism is concerned, the parliaments of the six countries will pass tougher and more effective legislation to force governments and counter-terrorism units of each country to take a more active role in fighting terrorism."

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