Dec 08, 2018 16:04 Asia/Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran is ready to deepen ties with Islamabad to collaborate in fighting terrorism and extremism.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed the importance of comprehensive development of relations between Iran and Pakistan, especially in fighting terrorism, adding: “Today, collective and more serious efforts to fight terrorism and extremism is very important,” Iran Press reported.

Speaking in a meeting with the Speaker of Parliament of Pakistan on Saturday, Rouhani referred to the holding of the 2nd conference of parliament speakers of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, China and Russia on the challenges of terrorism adding: “Holding of this conference is a good initiative for development of security and regional cooperation.”

Second inter-parliamentary conference on terrorism in which top parliamentarians from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and China are taking part, kicked off in Tehran on Saturday.

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Stressing the importance of collective fight against terrorism and extremism, he continued: “Those who have created terrorist groups in the past decades have betrayed the peoples of the region.”

Iran and Pakistan are two brotherly, neighbourly and Muslim countries that have had good relations during the history, said Rouhani.

Iranian President added: “We should take serious steps in fighting terrorism.”

“Unfortunately, the border between Iran and Pakistan, which has to be the border of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries, is being misused by some groups,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “I hope that the seven Iranian border guards that are hostage to terrorist groups in the Pakistani soil come back to Iran as soon as possible with more efforts by the Pakistani army”.

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Rouhani went on to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop economic, cultural and scientific relations with Pakistan and emphasised development of Tehran-Islamabad relations.

Iranian President also said: “Iran is ready to provide Pakistan with its energy, including natural gas, oil and power in the long term.”

“To develop relations between friendly countries, we need to stand up to US’ bullying and sanctions and find solutions for deepening cooperation and relations,” Rouhani added.

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On his part, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan Asad Qaiser expressed condolences over the terrorist attack in Chabahar, saying: “Today, the Pakistani government and nation, as well as different parties, are united in the fight against terrorism”.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan continued: “Pakistan is ready to interact with Iran in the fight against terrorism and development of regional security.”


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