Nov 29, 2018 13:36 Asia/Tehran

Two Ghadir-class submarines capable of launching subsurface-to-surface missiles, torpedoes and mines have joined Iran's naval fleet.

Iran News: Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi attended the ceremony which was held on Thursday 29 Nov, 2018, on the occasion of the Navy Day.

Ghadir-class submarines are designed to cruise within the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf to ensure peace and security of Iran's maritime borders, Iran Press reported.

Iran has so far launched different classes of domestically-built advanced submarines including Ghadir, Qaem, Nahang, Tareq and Sina.

Meanwhile, Deputy Defense Minister, Brigadier Qasem Taghizadeh in this ceremony announced that next Saturday Sahand destroyer will join to southern naval fleet in the 1st Imamat Maritime Zone.

Sahand destroyer is built in the framework of expanding Islamic republic martial naval fleet and in near future will sails in international waters.

Taghizadeh added that in coming months, 3 satellites will be launched to put into the space circuits.

"These satellites are produced by local specialist by support of Iranian defense ministry. Launching of these satellites shows Iranian aerospace capabilities," Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier Qasem Taghizadeh added.

He said: "The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have made remarkable progress in deterrence, and our ground-to-ground missiles have the ability to hit a 2,000-kilometer range. 205/102

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