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Brigadier General Salami has said that Muslims are united against global arrogance, especially US and they want not to bow to modern universal slavery.

Iran press/ Iran news:  Brigadier general Hossein Salami who  currently serves as the second-in-command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said on Wednesday that the Muslims are united against Global Arrogance especially the United States of America.

According to an Iran press report,  the top military chief who was speaking at  the 3rd edition of "Warriors in foreign countries" conference in the city of Damghan , located in 342 kilometres east of Tehran, said that the current status quo has paved the way for the Islamic unity that it is being formed. He went on to stress the fact that " today is  the  crucial period of time when the  Youth of the Islamic countries are wearing war armour and are in battle with global arrogance and its henchmen in the region as well as all around the world. Hence, one should say that the Muslims want not to bow to modern universal slavery."

Referring to the very fact that at the present time, countries like Syria, Lebanon , Iran, Afghanistan together with  Iraq and Pakistan  have turned out to be as one Islamic Ummah and one powerful hand ,Salami said that "today, we see the  hearts of the people in the  Islamic countries have been linked with each other so that the ground has been paved for formation of of One Islamic Ummah"


Death and annihilation is inevitable for the Zionists 

 Indicating that the world geography knows no location for the tyrants' dominance any more,  Brigadier general Hossein Salami explained further that current message of the Muslim world is unity and fellow feeling and as the Muslim nations have striking role in Islamic battle (called Jihad), there will be no loss for the land which is home to Islamic Jihad.

Stressing the fact that the Islamic countries like Yemen and Syria are recognized as the powerful Islamic countries  in the  region, the  top military official said that Us cannot plunder the Muslims' wealth .

He also emphasized that the Late Imam Khomeini(RH) has been the one who inspired the "true spirit of Islamic resistance culture among the Muslims of the World and enemies frequently ploted against him as well as his thoughts that have earned nothing but inferiority and failure.


Emphasizing the very fact that there is nothing to be worried about US  ,Salami said that the Iranian nation has  followed their leader's decree and they once again humiliated  US on November 4th protest rally .They also showed their loyalties to their ideals during the 8-year- period of sacred defense .

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"Today Islamic Revolution has influenced  all around the world and death of the  Zionists has turned out to be a universal   and   inevitable reality" he concluded. 102/203


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