Oct 29, 2018 18:40 Asia/Tehran

The Bismi family, the Shia couple in an interview, called Imam Khomeini as the one who taught them true Islam and saved them from the dark.

Iran Press/Iran News:  Hanif Bismi an Australian based Indian who has been  living for some 31 years inAustralia   in an exclusive interview with Iran press correspondent, together with his wife Fuziah talked about the great impression of the Islamic Republic of Iran and teachings of Late Imam Khomeini (RH) on his private life.

Talking about his family background, Hanif added that before Islamic Revolution he did not have any interest in religion but only after the revolution took place in Iran. He could find a chance to get familiar with "true religion" and  it helped him connected more with Ahlabait (Holy Prophet's Progeny).

Then Fuziah, his wife started to talk about their memory about their last year experience of their Arbaeen walking from Holy city of Najaf to Holy Karbala in Iraq through the route located in the countryside where fewer people might have tried it.

She went on to call the route the probable way taken by Ahalabait who wanted to make pilgrimage to Karbala. The heads of martyrs of Karbala were also transferred to the other cities through the same route.

Calling last year's Arbaeen walk as "Spiritual experience " Fuziah went on to say that thousands are pilgrims who are also walking through that road , they did not look left or right but rather they kept looking straight which she believes will be also the case at the time Imam Mahdi'(12th Shia Imam) glad advent when true Mulsims will answer his call.

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She called the Arbaeen walk as " Training ground for glad advent Of Imam Mahdi (AJ) (May Allah hasten His Glad Advent).

Later Hanif stressed the fact the missing part of Muslim world is " the Welaya (guardianship) of Amir –Al-Mo'menin Ali (Pbuh). He said that he got this very fact through Imam Khomeini (RH) and the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Referring to the time when Islamic republic of Iran was just established, Hanif's wife while remembering her days spent in Nigeria as a teenager who had been brought up there, she admired Iranian people who had great contribution to the Islamic revolution and believed that they "presented Islam proudly". She went on to look for more information about the great event and the women who were wearing black Chadors (kind of Hijab). She also said that the revolutionary phenomenon, led her to more untold facts about Islamic history.

Fuziah also said that she were after studying books to know more about Holy prophet's progeny and about Imam Khomeini (RH).

Fuziah added that she had access to information on Karbala just on her wedding night. Then she began to search for the real factors which had led to Karbala. She also began to study more about Imam Mahdi (AJ) and through this pass she finally became a Shia Muslim.

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Hanif also said that in case the Islamic revolution had not happened he would live for ever in the dark without knowing his Imam (Imam Mahdi (AJ)." The people of Iran, the revolution and on the top, Imam Khomeini showed me my living Imam (Imam Mahdi),"said Hanif.

Showing his commitment toward Iran, Hanif went on to call Imam Khamenei the leader of the Islamic republic as today's Moslim ibn Aghil  (Imam Hussein's cousin) and he is seeking to support his excellency as one of his main duties.



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