Sep 10, 2018 10:23 Asia/Tehran

Chairman of the securities and exchange organization said,Trading in the world is moving towards algorithmization.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press correspondent,Shapur Mohammadi, added,The issue of algorithmization of transactions in Iran has also begun, and fortunately, knowledge-based companies have entered the OTC market.

He also said,For Iran, it is also foreseeable that capital market transactions will go towards algorithmization.

Mohmammadi expressed hope that with the adventurous technologies of the universities, the capital market can use the technical foundation.

He also said that we hope to have more algorithmic trading in the future.

Chairman of the securities and exchange organization said,The financing of companies and the attraction of foreign investors will be among other goals of the stock market in the future.

Pointing out that The main objective of holding the Star League of Stock Exchange was to build culture for ethical transactions and invest in the capital market,added He,

many participants in this contest had a very good learning and some kind of culture For transactions in the capital market.

The Second League of Iran Stock Market Stars was held in Tehran.

The ceremony for the introduction of top teams in the League of Iran Stock Market Stars was held with the participation of the member of the Supreme exchange Council and the head of the Stock Exchange was held.


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