Oct 09, 2019 14:24 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 09, 2019 16:37 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs said that despite the US economic sanctions, the Islamic Republic has achieved rapid growth in various sectors.

Iran Press/Iran news: Farhad Dejpasand in an interview with Iran Press on Wednesday morning, after a cabinet session in Tehran, said, "While investments from outside are blocked, we have managed to address the problems by the policies adopted during the last year." 

He further mentioned the adopted policies led to the economic growth, saying that, "This shortcoming is remedied by making the best use of the factors of production, the possibility of domestic production, and non-oil exports."

Dejpasand said: We are determined to bring these resources to the point that will maximize the use of existing production factors."

He went on to say that, "For instance, we have adopted a policy in state-owned banks to pay more attention to two parameters for granting facilities; providing working capital to manufacturing firms, and making priorities for the projects with over 70 percent progress and can be used with the help of a granted financial facility."

"Fortunately, this year we are in a very good position due to the proper amount of rainfall in the agricultural sector that helps that conversion industry works better," the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs noted.  

Saying the country was also able to direct some of the other resources to the stock exchange, Farhad Dejpasand added, "All these factors have contributed to Iran's economic growth."  101/205

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