Oct 03, 2018 14:46 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 14, 2019 22:04 Asia/Tehran]

An Iranian MP representing a constituency in Isfahan has stressed that goods and commodities smuggled into the country illegally, will no longer receive insurance and bank credit, following an amendment in Majlis to existing legislation on smuggling of goods.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Wednesday, member of parliament Zahra Saeedi said: "It is illegal to offer insurance and banking services to goods smuggled into the country illegally."

She added: "After the amendment was passed by the parliament (Majlis) a tougher line has been taken on smuggling of goods and currency into the country".

Pointing out that a specialist commission of the parliament which is best suited for dealing with the issue of smuggling of goods and currencies  is the Judicial Commission, the Iranian parliamentarian added: "From now on, cases of smuggling will be referred to the Judicial Commission, with the Economic Commission of the Majlis no longer involved."

She said she hoped the Judicial Commission would examine the issue of goods and currency smuggling, and send a comprehensive report to the Parliament (Majlis) as soon as possible.

Saeedi added: "The concerns of truck and lorry drivers was another issue discussed and debated in the Majlis (parliament)  on Wednesday."

Pointing out that currency problems also affected the lives of truck drivers, affecting their incomes and living standards, Saeedi said most problems of concern to truck drivers have been resolved, but a few problems still remain.

She expressed hope that all the problems of truck and lorry drivers would be resolved soon.