Apr 06, 2018 07:43 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 20, 2019 21:09 Asia/Tehran]

The foreign minister of China denounced what he described as the unilateralism of the United States.

Speaking in Moscow after talks with his Russian counterpart, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi strongly criticized Washington's move to hike tariffs on Chinese products.

"If the U.S. thinks that it can get advantages through protectionism, its calculus is wrong," Wang warned.

Wang warned that Washington's move would hurt the global economy and international trade, denouncing it as "typical unilateralism and an undisguised attempt at hegemony."

"The international community must jointly oppose such unilateralism and violation of rules," he said.

Wang's trip to Russia follows a Moscow visit earlier this week by new Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, who said it was a signal to the U.S. of increasingly close Russia-China military ties.

As part of their burgeoning military cooperation, Moscow and Beijing have conducted joint drills, including exercises in the South China Sea and joint navy maneuvers in the Baltics.

Moscow's hopes for warmed Russia-U.S. ties under Trump have withered amid the investigations of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and myriad other disputes, most recently the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in Britain.

Moscow and Beijing have forged what they describe as a "strategic partnership," expressing their shared opposition to the "unipolar" world — the term they use to describe the United States' perceived global domination.

While greeting Wang on Thursday, Putin hailed the Chinese legislature's unanimous decision last month to reappoint Xi as president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve. Wang conveyed Xi's congratulations on Putin's re-election, also last month.