Feb 28, 2019 10:42 Asia/Tehran

The White House said Trump and Kim could not reach an agreement during their extensive talks on Thursday.

Iran Press/Asia: Speaking at a televised press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, US president Donald Trump has admitted that he did not reach an agreement with North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Un, on the subject of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, Iran Press reported.

Speaking to journalists and reporters in Hanoi, Trump said Kim Jong-Un's vision is not exactly our vision.

President Trump also said the North Korean Leader has promised him that he won't be testing any nuclear weapons this year.

Trump also rejected a request by Kim Jong-Un to lift sanctions on North Korea.

The summit ended with no agreement on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. 

In late 2017, both were exchanging threats, with Trump calling Kim 'little rocket man' and Kim calling Trump a 'mentally deranged dotard'.

Trump's decision to withdraw from the JCPOA will certainly diminish America's trustworthiness and prestige, making it much harder to trust the American side, and will certainly affect the negotiations going on at the Singapore summit. Trusting America is certainly going to be risky, and it is something that the North Koreans should certainly ponder -- a cautious approach towards Donald Trump and his administration, is well-advised. 103/211

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