Mar 11, 2019 11:48 Asia/Tehran
  • Code Pink colleague have come under scrutiny in the FBI after returning from a visit to Iran
    Code Pink colleague have come under scrutiny in the FBI after returning from a visit to Iran

The co-founder of Codepink, an anti-war NGO based in the US, said that the FBI agents have violent actions with the group members after came back to Washington from Iran.

Iran Press/America: While returning home, Code Pink delegation members Medea Benjamin said FBI agents have intimidated her and another member of the peace group, and also arrested Ann Wright of Code Pink a retired United States Army colonel and US State Department official, when they came back to Washington DC from Iran, Iran Press reported.

US peace activist, former military officer and former diplomat who worked at the US embassy in Afghanistan, Ann Wright, said: "America does not dare to attack any country which has a strong military force." She also emphasized on Iran's right to have a missile defense program.

Speaking to the "Real News Network", Medea Benjamin stated that she and Mary Ann Wright, got “called to a secondary screening” after they returned from Iran.

Benjamin continued that they were greeted by “FBI agents who had a whole dossier on us, of what we did which mostly from our own websites and our blogs.”

“They also have a packet of information for us about the sanctions on Iran… the US government policies towards Iran… the issue about registering as a foreign agent, indictment of Iranian groups to scare us away from talking to them,” she added.

 “Yes, it was not the warm welcome that we received when we went to Iran,” Benjamin stressed.

Code Pink activists visited Iran in February and met with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and students at University of Tehran. After the meeting, Benjamin criticized US President Donald Trump for “ramping up confrontation with Iran”. 105/205/213

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