May 15, 2018 12:37 Asia/Tehran

Nigerian police forces have attacked supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Abuja, the capital.

The attack came amid a peaceful protest by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

The protesters were marching to demand the release of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

During the protest, supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky have condemned Saudi's support of terrorism in Nigeria.

Zakzaky lost his left eye sight in the raid, which was carried out by the Nigerian army on his residence in the Northern town of Zaria back in December 2015.

During the raid, Zakzaky’s wife sustained serious wounds too and more than 300 of his followers and three of his sons were killed. Zakzaky, his wife, and a large number of the cleric’s followers have since been in custody.

The clergyman is said to have been charged with “criminal conspiracy and inciting public disturbances."

The Islamic Movement do hereby unequivocally call on the federal government to listen to the voice of reason and release Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.