Zionist regime responsible for Natanz incident: Gharibabadi

Vienna (IP): Iran's permanent representative to the International Organizations in Vienna stated that the Zionist regime was responsible for the Natanz incident.

Iran PressEurope: Iran's Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna Kazem Gharibabadi said: "New generation of systems will be installed in Natanz and several other technical measures are planned to be announced this week."

Kazem Gharibabadi added: "After the incident in Natanz, I informed the Director-General of the Agency and the Deputy Director-General for Safeguards that this incident is a sabotage in our opinion and the role and responsibility of the Zionist regime is clear to us, and the Agency must fulfill its responsibilities and condemn the incident."

He added: "We plan to prepare a letter tomorrow and send it officially to the Director-General of the Agency."

"This incident is completely sabotaging, and we hold the Zionist regime responsible for it. The purpose of such terrorist acts has been cleared to weaken the efforts of our nuclear scientists," He added.

Iran's envoy said: "Our experience has shown that whenever Iran is faced with such pressures and threats, it becomes stronger than before. In each of these incidents, while compensating for it, we have taken several steps forward." 

Gharibabadi also added: The new generation of systems will be installed immediately in Natanz. The enrichment process in Natanz has not stopped as a result of the incident, and the whole process is continuing.”


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