One of the war ministers at the Zionist regime's cabinet acknowledged the impossibility of destroying Hamas.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Zionist Army Radio quoted Gadi Eisenkot, a Minister at the War Cabinet of this regime, as emphasizing that anyone who says that Israeli regime would destroy the Hamas battalions in Rafah and then release the prisoners is creating an illusion.

Eisenkot stated that 3 to 5 years are needed to achieve stability and after that a few more years are needed to form a government.

He admitted that Hamas is an ideological organization and if elections are held in Gaza today, it will definitely win.

The Zionist Radio and Television Organization quoted Eisenkot as saying that the government has failed shamefully in restoring security for Israelis.

He said that absolute victory is nothing more than a illusionary slogan and Netanyahu has completely failed both in terms of security and economy. 219

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