Sana'a (IP) - One of the leaders of Yemen's Ansarullah movement said that the crimes of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip continue with the support of the United States.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press correspondent in Sana'a, Khalid Al-Madani stated that the Americans support the Israeli regime's attacks on Gaza, the Americans publicly declared their support for the continuation of the Israeli regime's attacks and crimes in Gaza and provided financial and military support to the Israelis.

This senior leader of Yemen's Ansarullah movement emphasized that the Americans announced their readiness to provide military and financial aid to the Israelis, and in addition, they also provided political support to the Israeli regime in international forums.

"Khaled Al-Madani" said, the Americans are also putting pressure on some Arab and Islamic regimes to support the Israeli regime.

This senior leader of Yemen's Ansarullah movement stated that America is involved in every terrorist crime in the region and said that the Americans created the criminal ISIS in the past and supported this terrorist group in the region, and this is the Americans' own admission.

The US foreign minister and defense minister recently visited Tel Aviv and in a meeting and discussions with the prime minister of the Israeli regime, they publicly supported the continuation of the attacks and crimes of this regime in the Gaza Strip.


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