Tehran (IP) - The Yemeni Ambassador to Iran said about six months after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood it was time to find a plan to counter the Israeli regime more decisive than in the past.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in a conference held on Tuesday afternoon to review the Palestinian Resistance Front's achievement, Muhammad al-Deilami said that the Resistance Front has confronted the Israeli regime, but the regime's genocide in Gaza is still going on. 

Still, he noted that the resistance front would stand firmly in the field and continue to fight the Israeli regime. 

"Today, I believe that the war [on Gaza] is one of the most important wars against the Islamic world and the Resistance axis and the war is longer than what the enemy imagined."

Al-Deilami stressed the support for World Day of Quds and said that the fight against the enemies follows heavy costs. 

The coming Friday is the occasion of the World Day of Quds; Soon after the Islamic revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini called on Muslims to dedicate this day to demanding the rights of oppressed Muslims around the world - particularly in Palestine. 

Every year, people across the world mark International Quds Day on the last Friday of Ramadan month to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and denounce Israeli atrocities in the occupied territories as well as the besieged Gaza Strip. 219

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