The Spokesman for the Iranian Guardian Council Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei

The Spokesman for the Iranian Guardian Council said that the US does not enjoy enough legality to present itself as a defender of human rights and democracy.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on the sidelines of the Aban 13th rallies (the day marking the US embassy seizure on November 4, 1979) on Monday, the Spokesman for the Iranian Guardian Council Abbas-Ali Kadkhoda’ei said: “Arrogant powers of the world, resorting to propaganda and media campaigns, are trying hard to portray themselves as defenders of democracy and human rights while they are plundering Syria’s oil and Iraqi people’s wealth.”

“Wherever the US has a presence, the US President announces openly that Washington's forces are there for providing their interests and the regional people have to pay expenses of their forces’ deployment,” he added.

Touching upon people’s presence in the Aban 13th rallies, he said: “Today, the young Iranian people proved that they have revealed the US' hypocritical policies. They are resolved to go forward via resistance against Washington’s threats.”

Earlier, Iran's head of the Judiciary Branch Seyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed that the US and its allies in the region are the main violators of human rights.


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