Republican US senator Lindsey Graham PHOTO: Erin Scott/Reuters

A staunch republican advocate of the US President has claimed that the Pentagon could use some of the revenues from future Syrian oil sales to pay its so-called military commitment in Syria.

Iran Press/America: Lindsey Graham wrote in a tweet on Wednesday, "President Trump is correct that without sanctions being issued against Turkey there would be no cease-fire. This cease-fire, if permanent, represents real progress."

He also went on to say, "If we can create a sustainable Safe Zone – that protects Turkey's national security interests and prevents the ethnic cleansing of our Kurdish allies – that would be historic progress."

He also implicitly spoke of a license enabling the United States to bomb Syria in the future whenever it wanted, saying: "It is important that the international community police this Safe Zone – not Assad, not Russia, not Turkey. This can be accomplished by America providing airpower to an international force, but not committing troops on the ground to control the Safe Zone."

He suggested that the United States pay for its military presence in Syria from the future Syrian oil sales. "…By increasing the production of the oil fields, we will be helping our Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) allies who fought bravely to destroy ISIS Caliphate. We can use some of the revenues from future Syrian oil sales to pay our military commitment in Syria."