The US Treasury Department has sanctioned two Interior Ministry officials and a Cuban military establishment in the wake of Washington's hostile actions against Havana.

 Iran PressAmerica: The U.S. Treasury Department said on Friday it was imposing sanctions on two Cuban Ministry of Interior officials and a military unit over the government's crackdown on protesters last month.

The department said it was sanctioning Romarico Vidal Sotomayor Garcia and Pedro Orlando Martinez Fernandez and the Tropas de Prevencion (TDP) of the Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces.

The United States has repeatedly imposed sanctions on Cuban-affiliated individuals and entities under various pretexts.

Cuba has been subject to unilateral sanctions over the past six decades for opposing US intervention.

Washington's hostile stance against Havana has been criticized by the international community. 

The United Nations has called on the United States in several resolutions to end sanctions and economic blockade of Cuba, But Washington has always ignored these resolutions. 219