Tehran (IP) - A special representative of the UN secretary-general has hailed the recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to resume bilateral ties as a positive development for the entire regional countries, especially Yemen.

Iran PressIran News: Hans Grundberg arrived in Tehran at the head of a high-ranking delegation for consultations on the latest developments in Yemen.

Grundberg made the comment in a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Ali-Asghar Khaji on Sunday evening.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged viewpoints on the perspective of peace in Yemen and the exchange of POWs.

Khaji elaborated on the Islamic Republic of Iran's moves made for the removal of imposed sanctions against the war-stricken Yemeni nation, brokering a peace treaty and resolving the crisis there through political negotiations.

"A practical strategy to achieve those goals needs to be sought urgently, and the human catastrophe in Yemen needs to be improved as a top priority of the UN and the other players in the country," added Khaji.

For his part, Grundberg expressed satisfaction over the recently achieved Tehran-Riyadh political agreement to resume full diplomatic relations, saying, "This positive development has favorable aftermaths for the entire regional countries, especially for the war-stricken Yemeni nation."