Donald Trump's election team and lawyers on Friday withdrew the election lawsuit of fraud in Arizona.

Earlier, Trump's campaign in Arizona had asked a state court not to approve the results of the US presidential election in Arizona.

The reason for the withdrawal of the Trump administration is the large gap between votes of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Trump in this state, American media reported.

The American media today (Friday) announced the Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election in the state of Arizona.

More than 10 days have passed since the US election and the counting process continues in this country; Trump raises the issue of election fraud in the United States and refuses to accept the election results.

Last Saturday, US media outlets including CNN, Fox News, CBS, the Associated Press and the New York Times reported that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had won 290 electoral votes.

Trump later issued a statement denying the victory of his Democratic rival in the presidential election and announced that he would go to court to stop what he called "major election fraud."

The allegations of Trump and those around him about election fraud have not been confirmed in any state so far.